The M1911 Folding Knife by Ultimate Equipment captures the spirit of the classic firearm: Model 1911.  By using standard 1911 grip screws, the knife delivers an authentic touch and feel of the legendary M1911 pistol in your hands.

This is the only knife in the world that allows you to personalize your knife by simply changing grips.  As long as standard 1911 grips are used (or Officer's/Compact grips for the Compact Folders), you can make yours the one-and-only unique knife, different from any other's.  Or make a matching gun and knife set!

Constructed with either American CPM S35VN or 440C stainless steel, the M1911 Folding Knives are one of the toughest cutting tools in the industry, besides its good looks.  Modern particle metallurgy process creates a very refined grain microstructure with evenly dispersed Vanadium Carbides allowing the steel to take a fine consistent edge that stays razor sharp for a much longer time, while remaining highly corrosion resistant.

The 3rd Generation of M1911 Folding Knives have multiple improvements from its predecessor, including a thicker .154" blade, more durable titanium nitride coating, and smoothed-out locking mechanism.

Built in small quantity production runs only, often with improvements based on customers' feedback, all M1911 Knives come with a Lifetime Warranty.