Being in the knife industry means that we very often get asked about sharpeners and over time have become experts in knife sharpeners as well. The main question asked by majority of our customers is: "How can I sharpen my knife properly, if I am not very good at using the stone? How can I keep my angle constant?' 

Over the years we have seen many sharpeners come and go. Some addressed the above issues reasonably well, others needed to go back to drawing boards. BUT, we are pleased to say that we have finally found the best sharpener that we have seen to date, that has the quality, is easy enough to use and well worth the money. Joker Knife Store Australia is now the official distributor of Warthog sharpeners. All Warthog products are manufactured from high quality materials in South Africa and have been designed by engineers who are also hunters and know very well, what the market needs. 

Diamond Honing Plate - 600 Grit

Diamond Honing Plate - 600 Grit


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